Make Your Yard Green Again

Make Your Yard Green Again

Find sod and reseeding services in Greenville, SC

Don't let your landscape wither away. Revive it with reseeding service from Greenville Grass Cutter & Landscape, LLC. We'll help your yard spring back to life. Reseeding works best in the Spring due to the warmer weather and rain. In about two weeks, you'll have a vibrant landscape enhancing your mood and boosting your curb appeal.

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Choose the service that works best for you

The team at Greenville Grass Cutter & Landscape will work quickly so you can get the yard you want ASAP. We'll:

  • Regrade your landscape to kill weeds and ensure proper drainage
  • Seed your yard
  • Lay straw to promote seed growth
If you'd like to see immediate results, we can install sod. We'll irrigate your landscape beforehand so your new lawn can be watered properly. Contact us today to learn more about sod installation service in Greenville, South Carolina.